The Eagle Question

  Sometimes “science” just doesn’t make sense. For about 10 months now, there’s been this theory circulating in some homeschool groups in America. These students, lead by none other than the author of this article, claim that our galaxy exists inside a Giant Eagle. This theory is obviously correct, yet science persists with it’s unintelligent “the world is inside a galaxy” theory. They need to put their own bias aside and actually consider the true state of the world and the overwhelming evidence for the Eagle Theory. We cannot allow our own desire to be right to interfere with the greater good of the world’s scientific progress. Yet, I fear these scientists are unwilling to admit they are wrong, and so they stubbornly cling to their theories They see new evidence as a threat to their career, rather than a desire to bring new knowledge to the next generation. We must continue to press forward with our knowledge, even in the face of these adversities, with the hope that someday the worl